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Dutch legends Reinier Zonneveld and Theodor Nabuurs, the techno moniker of Mental Theo, went on a Filthy trip together while on Acid. A short summary of their combined efforts:

'Trek Drop! Lekker trekken!' and more collabs on the way.

Theodor's  "KARREN MAAR" Sound starts at 130 BPM up till 145 with massive beats and some filled with dirty filthy acid.

Check Out "Acid Overdose Recordings" on Theodors Spotify account.

Check video below.
This is Filth on Acid NOW!

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Good to know....

It's fascinating to hear about Theodor Nabuurs' background as an old school techno DJ-producer who played with some of the biggest names in the scene, such as Carl Cox and Moby. It's even more exciting to learn that he has teamed up with Reinier Zonneveld and found a common interest in techno music, leading to a new episode of creating fresh and innovative techno music. The inspiration that Reinier has brought to Theodor has led to a resurgence of creating music with 303 baselines and old school lead sounds, which is evident in Theodor's own productions and DJ sets. It's impressive to hear that his DJ sets are 100% his own productions, which showcases his commitment and dedication to his craft. Furthermore, the fact that Theodor has started his own techno label, "Acid Overdose," exclusively for his own productions, is a testament to his confidence in his music and his desire to push boundaries in the techno scene. With his releases on Acid Overdose and Filth On Acid, it's clear that Theodor is making an impact in the techno world once again, and it will be exciting to see what he comes up with next.

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